Preparations before living in a share house

After contacting the landlord and decided when to move in, it comes to a question – what do I need to prepare before I start my share house life? Bring along one single luggage case? So what should be in there? Let me list out all the things below~

There are so many share house in Japan nowadays, here I am going to focus on the family-like share house which only has a few members. From my past experience in Yamakuchi, Kumamoto and the share houses I started in Fukuoka, The following items must be included:

– In the living room

> Sofa, Air-con, TV, Heated table in winter, and in Summer the table will become a normal one as the keep-warm-blanket would be removed.

– In the kitchen

> Frying pans, pots, bowls, dishes, chopsticks, spoons, forks, fridge, stove, sink, range hood, rice cooker, microwaves oven and oven (chopping board, knife, peeler and butter knife are usually not provided…)

– Shared space

> Hanging rod, washing machine

– In the rooms

> (There isn’t standard…)

Depending on different share house, you can see there can be slight differences between what they can provide as described above. Therefore, what you need to prepare before going in can be different as well, especially in the rooms, every share house will be providing different things as there isn’t standard.

In the rooms in Yamaguchi share house, there was no bed, no blanket, no pillow, no air-con (basically nothing…)

In the rooms in Kumamoto share house, there was a bed with a frame, hanging rod and an air-con.

With the experience above, also an experience of the cold winter in Yamaguchi without air-con, therefore, Sharehouse Tony & Moly is going to provide the following in the rooms:

– Bed set – which includes mattress, bed sheet, blanket and pillow

– A little table

– Air-conditioner

– Hanging rack

So you can come in with one single luggage case!

So what should be in my luggage case?

1. Clothes according to the weather

2. Medicine/ contact lens (Of course you can also get them from the pharmacies in Japan)

3. Computer, phone, camera, chargers

4. Toiletries (roughly enough for a week)

5. Sauces only found in your home town!

That’s it! Isn’t that simple?

Once you have arrived, you can buy:

1. Washing powder/ detergent

2. Bathing Soap / Shampoo / Soap

You can find most things you need in the Supermarket in Japan, and the price should not differ by too much. Don’t worry!

Above is my personal opinion, please let me know if there is anything to improve.

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