To all under 30 who are coming to fight in Japan

It’s easier to give up than to press on.

However, if you want your dreams to come true, you will need to take the responsibility and step forward.

Sharehouse Tony & Moly Fukuoka was founded in wishing to aid every young adult who come to Japan for his/her dreams, therefore there is no initial fees or exit fees. We also provide discount at joining. In the following I am going to explain the charges and discounts we provided. I hope this can help everyone who are interested to join us.

This is going to be divided into three sections:

Starting of the stay – halfway through the stay – Close to the end of stay

Starting of the stay

In Japan, there are some initial fees you need to pay when renting a house – rental bond, gratitude money, utilities, fire insurance, etc. If you are renting though an agent, you will need to pay agent fee as well. If a guarantor is needed, you will need to pay a guarantor fee.

At Sharehouse Tony & Moly, none of those is needed. If you promised to stay for longer than three months, first month’s rental fee will come down to 30,000 yen, that saves you 6,000 – 19,000yen, depending on the room you are staying.

Halfway through the stay

After staying for 6 months, there will be a 10,000 yen cash back on the seventh month (no matter which room you are stay in). Please take this as a reward for your 6 months’ hard work in Japan. Use this for a short trip, or go to a good restaurant as you wish.

Close to the end of stay

As you enter the last month in Japan, you may have already got a working visa, or planning to go back to your home town, you will need some cash when moving. Therefore, no only we don’t charge any cleaning fee or exit fee (if you did not do any damage to the room), on the twelfth month, we are going to give you another 10,000 yen cash back, in hoping that can be a support to you when you are entering the next stage of your life.


Starting of the stay

Apart from rent and utilities, no other fees. First rental fee will be 30,000 yen.

Halfway through the stay

10,000 yen cash back on the seventh month.

Close to the end of stay

10,000 yen cash back on the twelfth month, with no cleaning fee or exit fee.

To all under 30 who are coming to fight for your dreams in Japan~

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