Procedure to join our share house

Procedure to join our share house

1. Please come and have a look!

I bet you would like to come have a look at the actual place before deciding to stay with us! Please fill out our contact form to book a time and a place to meet.

2. Let’s have a little chat

The most important part of share house life is the interactions between people in there.

Therefore, we would like to know if you can get along well with the people currently living in the share house, and at the same time, if the share house we provided is as what you expected. Let’s have a chat while I am showing you around, and please also let us know if you are wishing to join us after that. (We will also let you know if you are suitable to join us.)

3. After deciding to join us…

Please let us know once you have decided. Please have suitable identification document and the first month’s rent ready. Normally we don’t need you to bring along a guarantor, but please provide us with emergency contact details.

4. On the day

Please let us know the arrival time beforehand.

We can provide limited airport pick up service and help you with house moving. (Sorry we only have a small car!)

Finally, we welcome you all to join Tony & Moly this big family!

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