ShareHouse T&M Interview 19


Q:What kind of life before move in Sharehouse Tony&Moly (living style , job etc….) ?
A:I was a university student in Switzerland and lived with my parents. Then briefly with a host family in Japan.

Q:What kind of the reason make you choose the ShareHouse Tony&Moly.(Please answer specifically) *
A:I was looking for a place with a good location, so I could use bicycle to go to school and move around the city. Also DonDon made a very friendly impression.

Q:What is the most impressive thing in the Sharehouse Tony&Moly ? (Happy thing , Sad thing etc…)
A:I had some very fun trips and parties with the people from the sharehouse. It was a great home to have for my life in Fukuoka. But it wasn’t always easy. I also got very sick one time and lost my wallet a different time, but DonDon always supported me.

Q:In the sharehouse life what kind of the thing have to be careful ? And why you think about that ?
A:The sharehouse life can quickly become isolated and lonely, if you’re not careful. It’s important to try and get to know your roommates. Participate in the events and spend time with them!

Q:The sharehouse have change you any thing ?(Values , personality , interest etc… )
A:I learned the culture of new nationalities and how to deal with some difficult situations in life. I also developed more tolerance for how other people live their lives.

Q:In the end , Do you have anything want to say ?
A:I want to thank DonDon who will do anything in his power, to satisfy his customers and everyone else for an interesting time!

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