ShareHouse Rules

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, once the fundamental physiological needs and safety needs are fulfilled, human will start seeking for social belonging, for example, romantic relationship, relationship at work, and friendship.

The relationships with others in the share house is also a form of social belonging. Therefore, we will need some house rules to maintain rights of the resident and in good order.

Social norm can generally be divided into 4 catagories – conventions, ethics, religions and law. The house rules explained in this article is similar to law in social norm.

It’s now coming to the actual rules after all the background theory explained above.

1. Rent will be paid on the 1st each month

2. Each member will be responsible to maintain the cleanliness of a section of the share house, cleaning must be done at least once a week.

3. Any personal item placed in the common area default to be shared, please put down your name on the item if you don’t want that to be used by anyone else.

4. No smoking in the house

5. If you have friends visiting, please inform your housemates in the share house group chat

6. Strictly no sexual interaction in the share house

Above are the stupluated share house rules, when someone is seriously violating the rules he or she will be removed from the share house.

Apart from these rules, as everyone can have different different conventions, religions background or ethics, please be respectful to each other.

Here are some examples:


Japaneses thoughts – never bring trouble to someone else, so if someone is causing inconvience to me, I would be angry

Indian thoughts – I am a troublemaker from the first day I was born. Therefore when someone is giving me a difficult time, I would choose to accept

And the principle of Share house Tony & Moly – trying not to bring trouble to anyone, but at the same time try to accept when someone is causing trouble


Scenario: Father just worked for five days, tonight he wants to relax with some movies and alcohol in the living room, and hope to sleep until noon the next day. Mother needs visit her parents early in the morning, so she would like to sleep early tonight.

Father’s thoughts – slept at 2am, wish to wake up at noon, but he was interrupted because mother was using hair dryer in the morning

Mother’s thoughts – it’s already 12am, father was still watching movie and the noise affecting her sleep

This example seems to happen in most families, both father and mother have their own thoughts but there is no right or wrong. What needed was communications, negotiations and comprehensions, which also needed in share house.

In conclusion, human are social animals. No one can survive on their own. Even though you can live in a flat by youself, you can still be disturbed by your neighbours. On the other hand, in a share house, everyone is under the same shelter with other housemates. Therefore, we should communicate more.

I hope everyone can experience a joyful share house life!

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