ShareHouse T&M Interview 20

Name:Sara F.

Q:What kind of life before move in Sharehouse Tony&Moly (living style , job etc….) ?
A:Before moving to the Sharehouse Tony&Moly I had just finished a Master Course in Tourism Economics and Management and I wanted to have an internship experience abroad.

Q:What kind of the reason make you choose the ShareHouse Tony&Moly.(Please answer specifically) *
A:At first, I found the location very convenient since it was close to the venue of my internship. But what convince me to make my choice was the kindness of the owner, DonDon: he really understands the needs of people who choose sharehouse and always try to do his best to make feel everybody comfortable.

Q:What is the most impressive thing in the Sharehouse Tony&Moly ? (Happy thing , Sad thing etc…)
A:I would say DonDon. I felt at home as soon as I entered in the apartment especially thanks to him. The atmosphere was always quiet but friendly and I really enjoyed Sharehouse Parties and Dinners.

Q:In the sharehouse life what kind of the thing have to be careful ? And why you think about that ?
A:Even if the language can be an obstacle, it’s important not to be afraid and to interact with the housemates, also in order to understand their needs.

Q:The sharehouse have change you any thing ?(Values , personality , interest etc… )
A:Before moving in I was insecure about my speaking skills so I didn’t come up and speak with people in Japanese. But during my stay I found people willing to talk with me everyday despite the initial difficulties and I am very happy about that. Sharehouse parties and dinners organized by DonDon were the perfect occasion to help me with this struggle.

Q:In the end , Do you have anything want to say ?
A:I will remember the Sharehouse Tony&Moly as an happy place and I am thankful to DonDon for his help and kindness. I will surely recommend his sharehouse to everyone!

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