SHAREHOUSE TONY&MOLY’s first sharehouse Minamihonmachi is located next to Zasshonokuma station. Once you step out from the house, you will reach a japanese style shopping street. If you would like to stay away from the city and enjoy a quiet and relaxing life, this is the best choice for you.


It is located between Hakata and Dazaifu.

You can easily reach the city Tenjin and Hakata or tourist area.

It only takes 10 minutes to Minami-Fukuoka station going to Hakata.

Only step out from the house and you will reach Zasshonokuma station going to Tenjin.

You can reach these two main city-centers in 20 minutes.

When you want to go for some sightseeing, Zasshonokuma station can takes you to Dazaifu, Yanagawa and more places!

  1. Features

There are 9 rooms in total, and every room can fit in 2 single beds. You can invite your friends come and sleepover. If your whole family is coming, there is also a guest room for 4.

There are 2 showers ,1 bathtub, 3 washstands and 2 washrooms, you do not need to worry about the availability of bathrooms.

1 washing machine and 1 drying machine, even rainy day can be a happy laundry day!

Last but not least, an huge open kitchen and living room. You can enjoy a relaxing time talking with your housemates.


  1. Surroundings

Shopping street is just outside of the house.

Fruit store, vegetable store and supermarket…you can get everything you need nearby.

Izakaya(Japanese style drinking place) and Deep-frying foods store(which will have a big sale after 7:30) is just downstair, you can always have a place to go for drink!

Share House Details


Address2-1-9, Minamihonmachi, Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi, FukuokaTransportationNishitetsu Train Zasshonokuma StationJR Train Minami-Fukuoka Station
ConditionsMales or females, locals or foreigners are all welcomed. (Need discussion for pets)



Living Room8.5 Tatami matsKitchen8.5 Tatami mats
Washing Machine1Drying Machine1
Washroom2NetworkWireless LAN
CarparkAdditional contract requiredBicycle ParkingAvailable




Room NumberRoom SizeRentUtilityAvailability
1016.2 Tatami matsWestern style/Double
1024.7 Tatami matsWestern style/Single
1034.3 Tatami matsWestern style/Single
1045.6 Tatami matsWestern style/Single
1055.6 Tatami matsWestern style/
1064.3 Tatami matsWestern style/Single
1073 Tatami matsWestern style/
Single upper bed
1085.2 Tatami matsWestern style/Single
1095 Tatami matsWestern style/Single
Guest room for 45 Tatami matsWestern style/
Bunk bed
SleepoverUsuing same room with tenant

You can discuss with the landlord about the price. We could offer special price base on your situation.

If you ar interested, please contact us.

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