ShareHouse T&M Interview 28


Q.住進ShareHouse Tony&Moly前,過著怎麼樣的生活(居住型態,工作,其他…..) *

A:Student in a dormitory


Q.是什麼樣的機會,讓你選擇住進ShareHouse Tony&Moly(麻煩具體的回答) *

A:It’s a very nice position! Moreover, from the website it looked more friendly than the other sharehouses I saw. It was reccomended to me


Q.住進ShareHouse Tony&Moly讓你最印象深刻的事情(快樂的事,感動的事…) *

A:We had a lot of fun together! Play nights, trips, dinners…


Q.你覺得住進ShareHouse最需要注意的事情是什麼?為什麼會這麼覺得? *

A:I think you need to be careful about other flatmates space, for example in the bathroom… You try to not occupy too much space or time


Q.住進ShareHouse後,是否改變了你什麼(價值觀,個性,興趣…) *

A:I’m introverted so it helped me come out of my shell a little. All my flatmates spoke Chinese and for them it was convenient talking among them, so any times I had to be the one to initiate conversation. It was nice to hear opinions and habits of people from countries so far from mine!


Q.最後你有什麼想要說的? *

A:Although my stay was short, I feel like I learned a lot of things! I went to Fukuoka for an internship so I didn’t expect to have so much fun, thanks to the sharehouse I have many nice memories of my first time in Japan!


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