ShareHouse T&M Interview 36

年齢:26 – 30
Q.住進ShareHouse Tony&Moly前,過著怎麼樣的生活(居住型態,工作,其他…..) *
I was a master student in Venice. I got accepted as an intern in Fukuoka so the next step was finding a house
Q.是什麼樣的機會,讓你選擇住進ShareHouse Tony&Moly(麻煩具體的回答) *
I wanted to used my Japanese on a daily basis and make friends. I could improve my Japanese thanks to this sharehouse. Also, the owner was very friendly and it has been easy to get along
Q.住進ShareHouse Tony&Moly讓你最印象深刻的事情(快樂的事,感動的事…) *
The location is quite good and it is not too far from the station so that you can go anywhere you want. The house also has every commodity you may need (you don’t have to buy pretty much anything)
Q.你覺得住進ShareHouse最需要注意的事情是什麼?為什麼會這麼覺得? *
When it comes to a sharehouse you have to care about other people’s personal space and follow simple rules in order to live better. I think those rules are essential to live together
Q.住進ShareHouse後,是否改變了你什麼(價值觀,個性,興趣…) *
This was a fantastic experience. I made wonderful friends and grew personally
Q.最後你有什麼想要說的? *
I really recommend this sharehouse. As I said before, the owner is very friendly and if you have a problem he may help youv


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